What is the Vortex Pore Cleaner (VPC)?
Our VPC is a medical/aesthetic device that uses cleansers, mild salicylic acids and hydrating solutions to simultaneously wash, vacuum, and hydrate your skin and pores.

What is the purpose of this treatment?
Dr. Cohen recommends this treatment for individuals with pesky “clogged pores” (comedones), “buried whiteheads” (milia) and stubborn acne. When combined with the judicious use of manual extractions and topical acne medications, it is a great way to enhance your complexion. For those people who are bothered by enlarged pores, keeping your pores clean will help.

Please explain the procedure in more detail.
Think of this treatment as a turbo-charged, 30-minute facial. First, we prepare your skin with a mild salicylic acid cleanser and warm, moist towels. We then use the VPC applicator tips in a three step process to deep clean, exfoliate/extract and hydrate the skin. This device uses simultaneous rinsing and suction and the blockages are collected in a disposal container. We know it sounds gross, but it’s better for this junk to be in the container than in your pores. We finish with manual extractions of particularly stubborn comedones and milia.

How much does this treatment cost?
Our fee is $150 for this treatment, which includes the manual extraction of up to five milia. If you request removal of more than five milia, there is an additional $75 charge. Dr. Cohen suggests returning for additional treatments on an as needed basis and we will recommend appropriate skincare to help maintain your complexion.

Do I need any special skin care for this treatment?
Topical retinoids such as prescription tretinoin (Retin A), over the counter Differin, or retinaldehyde (Avène RetrinAl) both before and after treatment are helpful for reducing comedones and improving results. These topical medications may have side effects, so do your homework or talk with Dr. Cohen first.